Voids, Portals, and Passageways

On September 8th, I will be loading in a show of my work from the past two years to a gallery space at the Paul Mellon Arts Center. The gallery is part of the arts center complex at Choate Rosemary Hall, an exceptional private high school located in Wallingford, CT. Preparations beyond making the work have included making a scale model, and discovering a new method of hanging drawings without using tacks. If you are curious about the no tack hanging method, you will have to come to the show and try to figure it out. If you still can’t tell, I will tell you, but I am curious to see how successful this hanging method will be. Hopefully it will seem like the drawings are hanging through pure magic!

As the load in date approaches, thoughts of who might come and what they will think of the work inevitably arise. As I have been creating work over the past two years without a venue lined up, I simply enjoyed making the work for myself and whoever might come by my studio. In the Spring of 2012, when I received the offer to have the show at the Paul Mellon Arts Center, I felt excited to have the opportunity to share my work with a large audience. The space is also very large, nearly 200 feet of white wall.  Fast forward to the end of of summer, and I still feel excited about the show, but naturally I also feel somewhat nervous. After all, what I put on the walls is deeply personal, the result of hours of solitary time and my imagination. Fortunately, I am not someone who gets stage fright, as although it will not literally be me that people will be looking at, in essence I will be hanging on the walls.

In sharing my work, I feel like I am joining a conversation. I am responding to arts events I have experienced throughout my life. My imagination has been shaped by films, music, visual art, writing, dance, etc…that I have experienced. Now I am putting myself out there for others to absorb. There is so much great creative soup out there, it is exciting to be adding to it!

The opening reception for my show “Voids, Portals, and Passageways” will be from 5:30-7:30 on September 14th, and it will be on view through October 28th. The address is 333 Christian St. Wallingford, CT.

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