Collaborative Comics

Sometimes you need to get creative to get something going artistically. The period immediately following the release of my animation “Firebird” I was feeling drained, but wanted to still be doing something in my studio. One antidote to my slump was this collaboration between me and my friend Dave Kopperman. It was designed to create a low pressure, fun project for both of us. The idea was to make a six panel comic where one of us would draw a panel and then mail it, and the other one would draw the next panel. But there would be no instructions or preconceived plot. Each panel would simply be a reaction to what came before. While initially the idea was each of us would have one week to draw and mail, well life interfered. But we eventually DID finish it, and it was in fact very fun. While I had in mind more of a medical/sociological direction (casomorphins are opiod peptides created from the digestion of dairy producte) Dave took it straight to science fiction. So I followed. Hope you enjoy!

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