For the past several years, I have been making drawings in black and white using either ink or charcoal. Since my last show, I determined that I want to work in color, and since October have been experimenting with different color media. Trying to explore with an intuitive approach, I tried color india inks and from there moved on to oil color. Oil seems to be the way for me to go, although I feel like I am only scratching the surface of the possibilities, which is both intimidating and exciting. While I enjoy the luminous nature of colored ink, the nature of my process does not seem to go along well with a medium that cannot be developed. I find myself being most drawn to working in a way where like with charcoal, I can cover up and erase and keep working an image until it “works” for me.

Although I feel somewhat intimidated by the possibilities of oil media, I am also excited by it. The content of my work continues to be gesture based, and I am struggling to incorporate movement with oil. A loaded brush doesn’t go far if I make a sweeping motion. Oil bars are a good solution, and I have been experimenting with those. The problem with oil bar is that the color that you get is the color of the stick. I found myself scraping the oil bar off the paper, mixing it, and applying it with a scraper. Interestingly, applying with a scraper allows me to get a more continuous mark than with a brush. So far, I have been working on heavy paper. Now I am experimenting with canvas, stapled to the wall.

Aside from gesture, I am also primarily interested in the illusion of space. The gesture inspires the image, and the image comes from my innate spatial interests reacting to the two-dimensional marks. I am sharing these recent images on the post. I don’t know whether to call them paintings or drawings, but I feel like they are on the way to creating a new body of work.

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