Turning the Page

Every Fall brings about feelings of change. The leaves desert the trees, days get short and cold. This particular October, I wrapped up my show at Choate Rosemary Hall and have begun new work in my studio. The content remains the same, abstraction based on movement, but I have taken a leap into color. Exciting, but still quite unresolved. My recent show encompassed work from the last two years, and all of it was large and black and white. I feel compelled to make my imagery work in color, and also at a smaller scale for a change.

Warming my heart during this cold wintry week, there was an election that proved to me that money alone can not buy a seat in congress. In the months leading up to the election, I feared that the millions of dollars in adds from a few billionaires would lead to a republican victory. Thankfully, money did not buy the election.

Despite the president and the balance in congress staying the same, it feels different to me. I feel like there are now enough people who believe in equal rights and equal opportunity who go out and vote that we could start to see even more positive change. My biggest hope is that Obama’s second term will not be haunted by the need for re-election, and lasting change for the better will take place in health care, peace efforts, the environment, and the economy.